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Impressive Ladies Etiquette Program

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Modern Etiquette Institute

The Modern Etiquette Institute – Hong Kong’s premier professional etiquette training company

From the basics of body language, posture, and personal image to the nuances of etiquette in social, professional and business settings, the Modern Etiquette Institute (MEI) teaches its students skills to present themselves at the highest, most sophisticated standards.


MEI is one of the few Hong Kong professional etiquette training companies that is recognized by international institutions. We provide certified social etiquette programs, workshops, corporate training and one-on-one training to those who seek to elevate themselves both within and without. Additional training in wine appreciation is also available for those who wish to round out their experience.


We pride ourselves on providing only the best. Trusted training partner to the government departments,  international enterprises, luxury brands and lifestyle companies, MEI’s training programs are carefully designed with many experiential and interactive learning activities. From management executives to socialites, even to teenagers and children, MEI makes sure all our students can fully utilize what we teach in their daily lives.

Modern Etiquette Institute is an etiquette training company in HK, providing social etiquette courses, e.g. dining etiquette, business etiquette, posture and body language, personal image and kids etiquette.


corporate training

We provide business etiquette training for corporate organizations and university institutions. Topics include Professional Image & Styling, Business & Social etiquette, Body language, Presentation & Public Speaking skills, Business Dining Etiquette, and Mainland Business & Dining Etiquette. Training format include seminars, small groups training, online sessions and one-on-one teaching, etc., according to group sizes and training objectives of the company.

Please complete our Corporate Training Inquiry form. We can provide a free consultation regarding how Etiquette Training can add value to your company.


business Etiquette 

Independent business professionals and SME owners who want to enhance their personal images and expand their network may consider our Business Etiquette Training Courses available for open enrolment. Please contact us for details and latest course dates.


ladies' etiquette

Ladies etiquette courses are originated from Finishing Schools in 19th century, where European young aristocratic ladies prepared themselves to step into high society. In modern era, etiquette courses have become increasingly popular around the world.


Ladies of different ages and backgrounds yearn to improve their personal images, manners, self-cultivation and tastes of lifestyle.   Our organization offers ladies' etiquette courses with diversified themes, combining the orthodox western etiquette and modern lifestyle,  and accommodates different needs of modern ladies.

Raising Hands

Kids' etiquette

Parents would like their children to develop correct manners and proper behaviour at early stage, so they can gain social recognition, and build confidence during their growth stage. Our children’s etiquette courses are suitable for children from 8 to 12 years old, and are held in small class sizes ( both English and Chinese versions available ). 


Topics include social etiquette, posture & body language and dining etiquette, and children’s financial mentoring etc.


Wine Education

Our  WSET Certified Educators conduct wine tasting events and wine education courses to corporate clients in different industry sectors, such as financial and insurance companies, luxury brands, lifestyle & health companies.   Tailor-made wine workshops with various topics and levels can also be tailor-made for private and corporate clients.

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