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Children’s Etiquette Classes in Hong Kong

Proper etiquette has become more important than ever to prepare our kids for the all-seeing and often judgmental public eye in Hong Kong, especially for parents who have social events that celebrate their success - this is where our classes come in.

For the majority of parents in Hong Kong, we want our kids to feel confident and at ease in these sometimes hectic and demanding situations, and that can easily be done with classes in etiquette.

MEI’s children’s etiquette classes provide Hong Kong children with a complete set of skills and knowledge that they can use to hold themselves to the same high-level standards as their parents.

Our courses begin with body language, social etiquette, and dining etiquette, while teenagers will be taught networking skills, personal grooming, etiquette during travels and when abroad, and the basics of financial intelligence as a life skill.

Kids Racing

One of the hardest things to work around is a busy child’s daily schedule, so scheduling private etiquette classes are generally the best solution for equally busy parents.

We can make a curriculum based on your child’s current level and can also field requests for specific etiquette skills or topics. You can be assured that only professionals will teach in a safe environment for your children. Our private etiquette classes are generally 4 to 6 kids in size.

Private Classes for Children’s
Etiquette in Hong Kong

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Kids Etiquette Foundation Course
— Children’s Etiquette Classes
in Hong Kong

MEI’s Foundation Course for Children’s Etiquette is the perfect way to teach your kids the basics of social and dining etiquette.

Our panel of certified, professional trainers will be happy to help your kids be as dignified and skillful at social maneuvering as you are. The program lasts 3 sessions, and is suitable for children aged 4 to 7 ( Young Children Group ) or aged 8 to 12 ( Children & Pre-Teens ).


Workshop – Posture & Social Skills for Children

Humans learn best by practice, and the best time for learning is in our formative years. We have found that children who understand and practice etiquette are better equipped to handle their emotional intelligence in situations in and out of the home.


This workshop is designed to build a foundation of social skills, confidence, and a positive mindset in your child’s early stages.


In small groups, we teach them about social skills and body language appropriate for kids aged 4 to 12. Your child will receive the best attention from our attentive, professional tutors, with improved posture and facial expression as some of the most easily identifiable results.


Workshop – Western Style Table Manners Classes for Children in Hong Kong

The elegance and civility of Western-style dining is a popular activity enjoyed by people of all walks of life. To maintain a pleasant dining experience, it is essential that our children understand how to properly participate in this social situation by learning proper table manners through our classes specially designed for Western-style dining.

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