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Cocktail Event Etiquette & Networking Skills Workshop

In metropolitan cities, most popular occasions for social networking are usually wedding, business dinners, company opening or celebration.  This course provides good opportunities for in-depth knowledge of the full scope of cocktail event, and making the best use of these occasions on both business and social levels, by showing your charm and wisdom and also building your self-confidence.


table manners and banquet etiquette

An extensive dining etiquette workshop which starts from one hour pre-dinner tutorial about origin and stories of dining etiquette, wine appreciation and serving knowledge, following by guided etiquette tutorial during 4 courses meal in fine dining environment.  This lesson teaches comprehensive skills needed for Western table manners, from which cutlery and wine glass to use during different courses to dining conversation.   You shall become confident and professional when attending formal dining events, and leave a remarkable image to senior management and important clients.

posture & body language


Whether in social or business life, good posture translates into a positive attitude that others have for you. It makes you more attractive and confident, and determines how people perceive you. More so, it is the way you non-verbally communicate with others.In this workshop, participants will learn how to enhance your image and temperament by understanding and practicing good posture and deportment in social and business occasions.Through practicing and reviewing, this will add to your overall etiquette by conveying a sense of grace and elegance.Students will practice in small groups, and professional deportment expert will provide guidance to give you for uplifted appearance.


business etiquette & image styling

Image is about how we present ourselves, personally and to each other.  The attention a person receives throughout life is often in direct proportion to attention he or she gives to their self.  Your grooming standard will affect others' perspectives about your professionalism and confidence.


In this workshop, students will learn how to develop confidence and choose the appropriate business outfits by understanding dress codes, colour tones and body shapes.

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