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Table Manners and banquet etiquette

An extensive dining etiquette workshop which starts from one hour pre-dinner tutorial about origin and stories of dining etiquette, wine appreciation and serving knowledge, following by guided etiquette tutorial during 4 courses meal in fine dining environment.  This lesson teaches comprehensive skills needed for Western table manners, from which cutlery and wine glass to use during different courses to dining conversation.   You shall become confident and professional when attending formal dining events, and leave a remarkable image to senior management and important clients.



  • History and development of Dining Etiquette in Western world 

  • Different Etiquette concept in France, Europe and American

  • Entering and seating arrangement

  • Making a toast

  • Table setting, napkin etiquette and wine glasses

  • Introduction of wine appreciation

  • Wine and food pairing

  • Reading wine list and communication with sommelier

  • General manners and postures at dinner — from casual to formal

  • Addressing common western dishes with practice ( soup, bread, salad and main course, tea and coffee )

  • Communicating with service staff

  • Do’s and Don’ts for hosts and guests

  • Tea and coffee manners

3 to 4 course lunch or dinner with wine pairing are provided. This workshop will be held at fine dining style western restaurants. 

Duration: 3 hrs

Tutor: Ms. Esther Lee 

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western table manners kids workshop (Children's Day Special)

As Children's Day is approaching, this special etiquette workshop will introduce basic western table manners to children in an elegant and leisure ambience at private clubhouse.

A 3-courses lunch with beverages will be served to allow children practicing their table manners with guided tutorial. This workshop will be conducted in English, supplemented with Cantonese.

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