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Cocktail Event Etiquette & Networking Skills Workshop

In metropolitan cities, most popular occasions for social networking are usually wedding, business dinners, company opening or celebration.  This course provides good opportunities for in-depth knowledge of the full scope of cocktail event, and making the best use of these occasions on both business and social levels, by showing your charm and wisdom and also building your self-confidence.

Topics :


  • Different types of cocktail events

  • Invitation – cards, email and social media

  • Dress codes and styling of male and female

  • How to enter venue, to make introduction and exchange name cards

  • Art of introduction ( for different genders, status and titles, e.g. sequence, skills and timing )

  • How to start conversation and use the right topics

  • Wine service and wine etiquette in cocktail events

  • How to prepare the appropriate beverages, wine and food.

  • How to select the right cocktail drinks

  • Body co-ordination with glasses, cutlery and food

  • Must do’s and don’ts for hosts and guests

  • Post event follow up and thank you notes

Drinks and snacks are provided. This workshop can be held at cocktail bars with additional budget. ​

Duration: 3 hrs

Workshop Size: 4 - 10 participants

Tutor: Ms. Esther Lee

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