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Kids Etiquette
“ Confident Young Angels “ Course
(april class)

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This Kids Etiquette Foundation Course begins with basics of social etiquette, body language and table manners, enabling children to build self-confidence and positive attitudes to become a part of life.   Our Professional Trainers and International Certified Etiquette Tutors will help your children improving their social etiquette and self-cultivation.  Their graceful manners will let your little angels becoming extraordinary young people in the near future. 

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Kids & Pre-teens Group : 8 - 12 years old

Date :April 29th (Saturday) , 30th (Sunday) & May 01st (Monday), 2023


Time : Apr 29 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ( 2 hours class )

           Apr 30 -  11:30 noon to 2:00 pm ( 2.5 hours class )

           May 01 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ( 2 hours class )

Venue : Apr 29 & May01 :  Wall Street English, Unit 1801-1804, 18/F, Causeway Bay Plaza Two, 463-483 Lockhart Road,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

             Apr 30 : Van Gogh Kitchen, 2B Shing Wah Mansion, 451 - 457 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Class size : 5 - 8 students / class 

Tutors :  Ms. Esther Lee ( Certified International Social Etiquette Consultant ) 

               Ms. Beatrice Yip ( Certified Etiquette Trainer )

One of above tutors will instruct the class.

Fees  ( 3 Classes + 3 to 4 courses Western lunch + Assessment + Certificate ):$3, 900 / person

T&Cs :

  • Classes will be conducted in English, supplemented with Chinese.

  • Students who complete the course and pass the assessment will receive a "Children's Etiquette Foundation Course" certificate issued by  Modern Etiquette Institute ( MEI ).

  • In case of pandemic and tightening of social distance measures, MEI reserves the right to change class format to online version.

  • MEI has the right to make final decision on class venues and restaurant choices.

Course Outline :

 Class 1 : Social Etiquette & Interpersonal Skills

  • Introduce yourself, your family and friends appropriately

  • Handshake in different cultures and other ways of greeting

  • How to present yourself with proper wordings and meaningful content

  • Dress codes and basic grooming for school functions and formal events

  • Etiquette on public transports

  • Redefine respect and manners after pandemic in modern world


Class 2 :  Western Style Table Manners with Lunch Tutorial 
•    Understanding Western menu and western food culture
•    How to order food and drinks politely 
•    Western style table setting
•    Napkin, Bread and butter etiquette
•    How to use cutlery and tableware correctly in each course
•    Do’s and Don’ts of table manners in restaurants
•    Tricky situations during meals, how to reject food dishes with courtesy

Class 3 : Body Language & Postures

  • Understand the importance of body language and its  impact on personal image

  • Confident standing and walking posture

  • Various sitting postures ( types of chairs, on floor and in cars ) 

  • How to express ladylike and gentlemen style with body language and gestures

  • Proper ways to walk up and down on stairs

  • Facial expression to show courtesy and respect

  • How to reshape your body and improve health with daily practice

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