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Wine Etiquette and Tasting Skills Foundation Program  ( with Certificate )
- level 1 -


Feeling unconfident and stressed about picking wine in restaurant?   Lacking of descriptive terms and knowledge to express comments on wine?   If you aspire to become a senior executive or socialite, and would like to successfully entertain clients and peers, wine etiquette can create a significant impact for you to win positive impression and even the business deals over dinner. 

This program will include 6 classes of wine tasting and wine etiquette in details.  In additional to proper tasting skills and wine knowledge, you will also take control of your wine enjoyment, and confidently engage with you guests and sommeliers about wine.  


Level 1 : Class 1 - 3

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Date :  October 10th, 17th& 24th, 2023

Time :  7 to 9 pm

Venue :  Co-working space in Causeway Bay or Wanchai

Class size : 6 - 10 students / class 

Fees:$4, 200 / person   ( Level 1 only )
* $ 8,500 / person ( Full Course - Level 1 + 2 early bird ), original price $9,700 / person

Tutor:Ms. Esther Lee
Certified International Social Etiquette Trainer from Minding Manners International 

WSET Diploma Certified and WSET Certified Educator


Course Outline :

Class 1 : 

Introduction of Wine & Spirits in social occasions

·       Wine culture and etiquette in different parts of the world.

·       Introduction of important wine countries and premium wine regions. 

·       Fundamentals of different types of wine ( red & white wine, sparkling wine & champagne, and fortified wine ).

·       Different types of wine glasses and how do they affect the aromas and taste of wine.

·       Serving wine and holding wine glasses with good manners. 

·       Tasting of 4 types of wine ( sparkling. / white / red / fortified wine )

Class 2 :

Palate and sensory discovery by grape varieties

·       Understand and practice professional wine tasting procedures. 

·       Identify 3 main categories of wine aromas  ( e.g., primary ( fruit & floral ), secondary (  oak & yeast ), tertiary ( ageing )

·       Express your sensory and comments on wine. 

·       Learn how to read and comprehend wine tasting notes.

·       Tasting of 4 to 5 classic grape varietal red and white wine. 

Class 3 : 

Old world & New world wine styles

·       Definition of Old world & New world wine 

·       Differences of wine production in Old world and New world, and how do this affect the wine taste and style. 

·       Classification of wine in France & Italy ( e.g., Grand Cru Classe & Premier Cru, DOCG & DOC ).

·       Identify the characteristics of signature wine countries. ( e.g., France & other European countries, USA, Australia,              New Zealand ), and know which ones are more appropriate for different social occasions. 

·       How to use different tableware and cutlery in various meal courses

·       ​Behave with manners at restaurants — talking to service staff and ordering meals

·       Tasting 6 types of Old world and New world wine.

Full Program.png

Including the following :

  • 12.5 hours of face to face tutorial by WSET Diploma Certified Holder / Educator

  • 26 types of wine for tasting, including key wine regions around the world, red and white wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine, Premier & Grand Cru wine

  • 3 courses western lunch in last class

  • Summarized tutorial handouts of Class 1 to 6

  • Attendance Certificate issued by Modern Etiquette Institute for participants who have completed 80% of the program.


T&Cs :

  • Classes will be conducted in Chinese, supplemented with English.

  • Students who complete the course and pass the assessment will receive a "Wine Etiquette and Tasting Skills Foundation" certificate issued by  Modern Etiquette Institute ( MEI ).

  • Each workshop requires minimum of 6 people. Modern Etiquette Institute (MEI) reserves the right to postpone or cancel the class if the minimum capacity has not been met, and will notify the participants 3 days before workshop. MEI will allow participants to use the credit for other workshops.

  • MEI has the right to make final decision on class venues and restaurant choices.

  • If student has missed 1 or more classes, partial class fees will not be refunded, but student may attend the missing class in next course period.   Valid until 6 months.

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