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Posture and Body Language for Business Executives

Whether in social or business life, good posture translates into a positive attitude that others have for you.It makes you more attractive and confident, and determines how people perceive you.More so, it is the way you non-verbally communicate with others.In this workshop, participants will learn how to enhance your image and temperament by understanding and practicing good posture and deportment in social and business occasions.Through practicing and reviewing, this will add to your overall etiquette by conveying a sense of grace and elegance.Students will practice in small groups, and professional deportment expert will provide guidance to give you for uplifted appearance.

Topics :

  • Definition of good posture and its importance

  • Different interpretation of posture and deportment in various countries

  • Royal and celebrity deportment

  • Correct standing posture

  • Walking straight in confidence and turning

  • Eyes and facial expression exercises

  • Basic posing concept and practice

  • How to take your company profile photos and ladies’ photos

  • Catwalk and Practice

This workshop will be held at Dance Studio for practicing posture and facial expression.

Duration: 3 hrs 

Tutor: Ms. Peggy Yau

Capacity per class :  4 - 6 people

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