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In today's fast-paced environment, clients want to make a connection with the companies they work with. It is very important that your management and staff have common values and manners with clients, especially in high net worth clients' sector, as this will enable to gain their trust and business. In order to achieve this goal, there are more and more corporations seeking for etiquette training to enhance the social skills and confidence of their staff when encountering with key accounts and upscale customers. 

Our training team has worked with small, medium and listed multinational companies to educate their employees on a wide range of business etiquette subjects, including networking, event etiquette, dining etiquette, public speaking, posture & deportment, and business image and styling. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops and group seminars, we shall inform and inspire your employees. 

Our corporate clients for etiquette training include Standard & Chartered Bank, Prudential Insurance, Chanel and Pacific Agencies (Far East). 

To understand how our corporate training programs can benefit both employees and the company, please complete our Corporate Training Enquiry Form, or email for information, availability and pricing. 

Corporate Training Enquiry Form

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our corporate clients

  • HSBC

  • Standard & Chartered Bank

  • HK Housing Authority

  • AIA Insurance

  • Manulife 

  • Prudential Insurance

  • YF Insurance

  • L'occitane

  • Wedgwood

  • La Perla

  • HK City University

  • HK Baptist University

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