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Modern Etiquette for Children Program – Posture & Social Skills for 6 to 12 years old

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Our “ Posture & Social Skills “ program is designed to give your children the gift of social skills, confidence and positive mindset at early stage of life.  As children learn how to implement rules of etiquette, they will become better equipped to handle their emotional intelligence and different situations at schools and public occasions.


From self-introduction to manners in public and trips, decent postures to facial expression , this “Posture & Social Skills“ program covers social skills and body language needed for children from age 6 to 12.  In small group tutorial, children’s learning is not limited to fundamental etiquette essential for childhood stage, but will also practice posture and deportment with tutor’s professional and attentive guidance.  


Proper manners and etiquette are not inborn, but are established over time by gradually knowing and understanding how to appreciate beautiful elements in life.  As same as learning knowledge and building habits, the best time to start is in childhood stage.


Knowing etiquette is part of blossoming life, and it is never too early to develop correct manners and self-respect.  

Class 1 :  April 18 , 2022 ( Sunday ) | 2 to 4 pm

Greetings and making positive first Impression

  • How to greet and make introductions

  • Handshaking etiquette

  • How to use socially polite words and language

  • Making positive first impression with teachers and classmates

  • Self-introduction when meeting new people

  • Mind your manners in transportation and at relatives’ home

  • Telephone and messaging etiquette

  • Social media and online classroom etiquette

  • Manners and behaviour in online games

Class 2 :  April 25 , 2022( Sunday ), 2 to 4 pm

Posture & Body Language – Foundation Class

  • Importance of decent posture

  • Classic standing posture

  • The correct and elegant way to walk

  • How to walk by yourself and with companions

  • How to sit properly and elegantly

  • How to hold your hands on the waist for posing

Class 3 :  May 2 , 2022( Sunday ) 2 to 4 pm

Posture & Body Language – Enhancement Class

  • Recap of Class 2

  • How to walk on stairs properly with appropriate body coordination

  • How to enter cars gracefully

  • Decent posture when having floor activities and games

  • How to stand up nicely from the floor

  • Different hand gestures and facial expressions when laughing

  • How to enter and to leave a room politely


  • Esther Lee

  • Peggy Yau

  • Beatrice Yip

Venue: Harbour City, The Gateway Tower 1 Room 1807, Tsim Sha Tsui

This course will have maximum of 10 children, and will be conducted in English.

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