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about the Company 

Modern Etiquette Institute is a contemporary etiquette training company specialized in providing certified social etiquette programs, workshops and one-on-one consultancy to those who look for self-transformation and improvement from body to soul.   In addition, we also provide different levels of etiquette consultancy and training services from the management level to the service level.  The training content will be carefully planned according to various business needs of each enterprise. 

We are the only etiquette training company that is acknowledged by international institutions, which provide dual training of etiquette and wine education in Hong Kong. 

about the Founder 

Esther received training under the guidance of Ms. Tamiko Zablith - a distinguished and world-renowned etiquette leader and consultant for UK & European Royal Families and CNN.  She has completed the Train-the-Trainer Social Etiquette Program offered by Minding Manners International in UK, which is one of the world’s most reputable and prestigious etiquette schools.  Based on the great demand of social etiquette instructions and professional etiquette trainers, she has founded Modern Etiquette Institute in 2018.   


Being also a wine connoisseur, Esther is a WSET Certified Educator and Level 4 Diploma holder, and has solid experience in wine education.  Prior to her etiquette and wine career, she was graduated from Boston University, and worked in Marketing and PR field for international fashion brands and 4A’s advertising agencies for over 10 years. 

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Our Mission

  1. We empower the modern generation with etiquettes, manners, confidence and respect, by balancing the traditional etiquettes and metropolitan lifestyles, calming and revitalizing the mind, body and inner-self. 

  2. We prepare our customers to seek self-enhancement with international social etiquettes, and they will find their dreams more approachable by implementing our etiquette concepts and skills.

  3. We inspire modern ladies and gentlemen to attain the goal of self-transformation, appreciating and cherishing both their social and personal lives with appreciation of social etiquette and respect of different cultures and norms.

  4. We organize etiquette training and social events to provide our customers with opportunities to implement their etiquette knowledge, redefining the meaning of elegance and discreet luxury. 

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