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Professional Business Etiquette Classes & Training in Hong Kong

“Etiquette is the difference between a good businessperson and a great one.”

From first impression to long-term interactions, business is heavily influenced by the executive presence and bearing of the people involved. This makes proper etiquette a subjective but necessary consideration for any staff with public interactions, becoming particularly important when dealing with clients who come from high-net-worth sectors, who often come with equally high standards of etiquette.


Our business etiquette training in Hong Kong comes in the forms of Corporate Training, a special Glamorous Image & Etiquette Course, and One-on-One Coaching.

Business Meeting

Corporate Training

From high-level negotiations with upscale clients to improving staff decorum at public events, our corporate training program will improve the social skills, business etiquette, professional image and confidence of your staff in a variety of social situations in Hong Kong’s corporate culture.


Each business etiquette training program is tailor-made to suit your company’s roster and requirements, ensuring the best learning experience while maintaining value. 


Glamourous Image & Etiquette Course

Levelling up your personal image and business etiquette has never been simpler with our training courses.

Proper etiquette is essential in the business world as well as our private lives. This course is perfect for management-level executives seeking competency in business networking, communication and career advancement in the greater China region. It is also good for those who want to broaden their social skills in Western dining and Mainland banquet settings.


This popular Hong Kong business etiquette training program is an 8-hour training course with our internationally certified trainers, focusing on business etiquette, personal image & body language, tasteful lifestyle and table manners.


One-on-One Coaching / Private Coaching

Our professional one-on-one etiquette training and private groups is perfect for Hong Kong clients who can’t attend open classes or who would prefer to maintain privacy.

Get In Touch With Us

Not sure what you need? A quick interview can help us determine areas of improvement and an overall training regimen, which can be easily scheduled at your convenience. You will be paired with one of our certified, professional trainers and will receive the best attention.

Start your course NOW

Tell us your interested course(s) or workshop(s) and left your message, we will contact you very soon!

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