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Ladies’ Etiquette Training Hong Kong

Confidence. Elegance. Sophistication.

There is no doubt that ladies who exude these traits are often seen as powerful, regal and composed. The good news is that all this can be developed from training and experience, which are two things the Modern Etiquette Institute can provide.   We provide monthly classes to improve ladies’ manners and social etiquette, with a variety of etiquette topics such as etiquette in cheongsam and evening dresses, elegant socialites’ experience, business etiquette, personal image, body language, table manners and event etiquette, etc.

Elegant Socialites Workshop

Have a taste of the glam life and learn essential skills to feel at home in even the ritziest of locations.


We offer an Elegant Socialites Workshop in a private club for Hong Kong ladies looking to elevate their bearing to levels only seen in the most glamorous of situations. 

Woman in a Hat

This ladies-only workshop is held in a private club, featuring a 4-course lunch with tutorial, event etiquette, and posture training that will be great practice for the lessons we teach:


  • Formal dining etiquette in detail – including manners, table setting, conversational skills, and seating arrangements

  • Elegant posture and bearing for high society events

  • Magic keys to looking stunning in photos

  • Mastering the skills of a formal dining situation to present the best part of yourself

You will also be included in the ME-Club, an exclusive list with invitations to other social gatherings and activities.


Business Ladies’ Styling & Body Language Program

It should come as no surprise that hardworking ladies who harmonize personal image, styling and body language in business will be some of the most powerful in a company.


This multi-day program will teach you how to enhance your personal styling, which helps you to look confident and charming in appearance you show to the world. We do this by teaching wardrobe management, how to find suitable colours and fitting, posture, and walking stance. All these combined develop you into an empowered businesswoman who presents the best of herself.


The course includes a certificate of attendance, professional personal photos, and a free membership with the ME-Club. Club members will receive invitations to social, fashion, and themed gatherings held by our instructors.

Start your course NOW

Tell us your interested course(s) or workshop(s) and left your message, we will contact you very soon!

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