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“ Early Summer “ Kids Etiquette Online Class 


Summer vacation starts early this year, and parents are searching for summer activities for kids in hurry.

Suspension of face to face classes in schools affect children’s social life, and diminish the awareness of personal image and communication skills in their childhood stage.

In March and April, Modern Etiquette Institute will launch two informational and fun online courses for children - " Introduction of Social Etiquette " and " Introduction of Western Table Manners “ , taught by professional, certified etiquette tutors.  Your kids will learn good manners and social skills of various scenarios one step ahead of other children during early summer holidays. Upon completion of the course, the kids may continue their etiquette training in Certified Etiquette Program in face to face format, which will further enhance their performance and confidence in school interviews and studying abroad.

This course is taught in small, interactive online classes ( 4 – 10 kids ), including Chinese or English tutorial and education tools for practice after class. Private sessions can be arranged for groups of 4 and above. ( leave 2 spaces )

Please contact us for more details.


Unit 1

Introduction of Social Etiquette

( 2 classes,  60 minutes each )

HK$ 600 / person

including class notes

and props for practising


Unit 2

Introduction of Western Table Manners

( 2 classes, 60 minutes each )

HK$ 800 / person

including class notes and dining tableware set for practising

Unit 1 + 2 :  Promotion price HK$ 1,300 / person

Enquiry of Private Session - 4 ppl or above

unit 1
Class Schedule _ Age 4-6.png
unit 2
Class Schedule _ Age 7-12.png

Upon completion of course, kids are expected to learn the following knowledge :

Unit 1 – Introduction of Social Etiquette

Unit 2 – Introduction of Western Table Manners

  • Daily social conversation
    ( Greetings, introducing yourself and people around you )

  • Handshaking and other ways of greetings

  • Manners in public places, friends and families’ gathering

  • Proper standing, sitting and walking postures

  • Facial expression and hand gestures

  • Graceful postures at dining table

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Proper western style table setting

  • How to use dining utensils correctly

class content

*If no. of students in the class are less than 4 kids, there is an opportunity to merge classes with other time periods.

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