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Elegant Socialites One Day Program


This is one day’s unique experience of ladies’ etiquette for those who would like to experience socialites’ lifestyle.  


Ms. Esther Lee (International Certified Social Etiquette Consultant) will teach formal western dining etiquette and basic wine tasting skills, while participants enjoy an exquisite lunch to put the knowledge in practice.  Ms. Peggy Yau (Catwalk and Posture Trainer) will teach elegant posture and body language in various occasions, such as media events and interviews, formal luncheon, afternoon tea sessions and cocktail events. In this elegant journey, participants will feel the essence of celebrity demeanor, and know how to show personal charm in social occasions in future.

Program Highlights:

  • International certified and celebrity tutors.  

  • Comprehensive understanding of ladies' etiquette and posture in high society's occasions.

  • Upon completion of the course, participants will receive attendance certificates and join ME-Club.  Certified members will be invited by instructors to attend various distinguished social occasions in future.

  • This program is held in private club at Central and Western District, with a beautiful and private environment.

Date: June 5, 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 11 noon to 4 pm

Venue: Artyzen Club, Sheung Wan

Program Details :

Part 1 :    How to enhance your image and social presence through ONE dining occasion?

Dining Etiquette for Socialites with 4-courses lunch and wine

  • How to show the charm of socialites and what elements are crucial  

  • Association between dining etiquette and high social status

  • Origin and development of western formal dining etiquette

  • Proper introduction sequence before meals and seating plans

  • French and English style of table setting and presentation

  • Apertif, Amuse bouche and Napkin etiquette

  • Table Manners :  Master the handling methods of different courses ( Starters, soup, main course and dessert )

  • Mind the details on fine dining table ( Condiments, special cutlery and sharing plates )

  • How to deal with emergencies and complicated food

  • Knowing different types of wine glasses and how to hold a wine glass properly

  • Introducing sequence of wine serving and wine pairing with food

  • How to leave a lasting impression to hosts and guests

Part 2 :  How to be a prominent figure and enhance visibility through body language in social occasions

  • Building confidence from mentality to body attunement

  • How to project your image with appropriate body language when entering venue

  • Posing in front of backdrops and signing boards

  • Looking into cameras and the importance of lighting

  • Facial expression management in front of press

  • Impressive posture in different seat styles to draw attention

  • Holding handbags and wine glasses in social events

  • Explain the influence of different angles when talking with male and female

  • How to look prominent in a group photo

  • Finding your best "Goddess poses"

Criteria of participants

  • Ladies only for this event

  • 18 years old or above

  • Dress Code of event :  Lady Like

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Venue and Promotion Partner 

About Artyzen Club :

Inspired by modern luxury lifestyle, Artyzen Club is an urban business club, dedicated to bringing together business and social communities in Hong Kong. Boasting a vista of Victoria Harbour, Artyzen Club is a clubhouse providing members and guests an array of dining venues, recreational and fitness facilities. 


Located in Shun Tak Centre, Artyzen Club is easily assessed by MTR and major transportations. 

Club Entrance
Green Bar (Western cuisine)
Dining Room (Chinese cuisine)
The Lounge with Panda
The Lounge
The Lounge 4
The Lounge 3
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