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Children Etiquette Ambassador Certificate Course 

Friends Forever

Our Certificate Etiquette course for Children is designed to enable its little ambassadors to learn and experience etiquette and manners at their early age. We embrace the idea of giving children the right set of social tools to begin their journey on the road of social acceptance. They will experience a greater understanding of the rules of etiquette highlighting "Why", "How", "When" and "Who", and understand how to value, honour and respect other people. As children learn how to implement rules of etiquette, they will become better equipped to handle themselves at home and at school. 


Session 1 (2 hours)

  • Making Friends

  • Greeting and shaking hands

  • How to say "No" in respectful way

  • Building friendship with peers

  • Sharing & Caring, Using kind words

  • Behaviour at public places and transportation

  • Guidelines for Little Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Kids Party Etiquette, Host and Guest

Session 2 (2 hours)

  • Looking & Feeling Good of Little Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Posture and Body Language (Part 1)

  • How to communication with adults

  • How to communicate with western people and in school interviews

  • How to deal with stress

  • Wedding Etiquette, Flower Girl and Page Boy

Session 3 (2 hours)

  • Dining & Table Manners (Part 1 - Western)

  • Formal Table Setting

  • Usage of cutlery, glasses and tea cups

  • Entering and Exiting the Room

  • Difference of Chinese and Western Table Manners

  • Difference of dining at home and restaurants

  • Travel Etiquette

Session 4 (2 hours)

​Participants will enjoy a 3-course lunch in the restaurant in this last session, and practice the etiquette knowledge from the first to third sessions. The instructor provide guidance on the spot. Each child may be accompanied by a parent, and will receive course certificate at the end of session. 

Tutor: Ms. Esther Lee

Group Size: 4 - 10 participants

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Venue: TBC

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