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Impressive Ladies Etiquette Program
online course

Modern Etiquette Institute

The Modern Etiquette Institute
– Hong Kong’s premier professional etiquette training company

From the basics of body language, posture, and personal image to the nuances of etiquette in social, professional and business settings, the Modern Etiquette Institute (MEI) teaches its students skills to present themselves at the highest, most sophisticated standards.


MEI is one of the few Hong Kong professional etiquette training companies that is recognized by international institutions. We provide certified social etiquette programs, workshops, corporate training and one-on-one training to those who seek to elevate themselves both within and without. Additional training in wine appreciation is also available for those who wish to round out their experience.


We pride ourselves on providing only the best. Trusted training partner to the government departments,  international enterprises, luxury brands and lifestyle companies, MEI’s training programs are carefully designed with many experiential and interactive learning activities. From management executives to socialites, even to teenagers and children, MEI makes sure all our students can fully utilize what we teach in their daily lives.

Business Etiquette Training in Hong Kong and Greater China

No matter what the situation, politeness and good manners will leave lasting impressions on coworkers, clients and C-level executives alike. As business continues to expand into the far reaches of the global economy, we have found that excellent etiquette is now more important than ever.


To answer this universal need for good etiquette, MEI offers scalable business etiquette classes in Hong Kong for corporations of all sizes. From one-on-one coaching to tailor-made programs to large seminars, every level of an organization can be taught basic to advanced levels of business etiquette.


Please complete our Corporate Training Inquiry Form to start a discussion about your needs. We offer free consultations on how Professional Etiquette Training can add value to your company.

ladies' etiquette

Impeccable etiquette is a powerful soft skill that all ladies should have. MEI understands this concept and seeks to bring all women to the greatest heights of etiquette in our custom-designed programs, featuring an Elegant Socialites Workshop and our new online manner and etiquette training program.


These courses offer the modern lady both conceptual and practical experiences that transform us into sophisticated beings who have commanding presences and beautiful auras.

If you are a lady looking for professional ladies etiquette training in Hong Kong to develop an elegant, aristocratic presence, ask us for more details about what we can do for you.

Kids' etiquette

Raising Hands

Good etiquette is best learned and practiced from our children’s early years so that a respectful manner and self-discipline will be second nature to them as adults, and they will fit into society with ease.


Our children’s etiquette training programs in Hong Kong are tailored to children aged 8 to 12 years old and are held in small class sizes in English or Chinese to maintain high-impact learning. Your child will be taught social etiquette, posture and body language, and dining etiquette. Teenagers will also receive foundational financial mentoring as well as training in personal image and manner for overseas study.

This program is simply the best way to bring your child up to speed with modern day social situations. Contact us to get the best children etiquette training in Hong Kong.

Social Etiquette Online Program


In today’s hectic society of busy schedules and hard work, it is easy for a woman to put aside her power that comes from maintaining elegance and poise.


To help the new generation relearn this power, MEI has launched the Impressive Ladies Etiquette Program, offered online. The online course provides etiquette training especially for young Hong Kong ladies, allowing them to establish a foundation of etiquette at their own pace, wherever they are.

A good primer to elegance and mastery in etiquette has three basic elements – Body language, dining etiquette & business etiquette. We teach all three topics in this course.


Wine Education

Our  WSET Certified Educators conduct wine tasting events and wine education courses to corporate clients in different industry sectors, such as financial and insurance companies, luxury brands, lifestyle & health companies.   Tailor-made wine workshops with various topics and levels can also be tailor-made for private and corporate clients.

Start your course NOW

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