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Teenagers Etiquette
“ Confident & Gracious International Etiquette Course “
( OCTOBER class)


When teens move into the next phase of their lives, such as traveling abroad for studying, facing college interviews, and working for internship in business world, they will step out from their comfort zones, and need stronger social skills and getting respect from people around them.  

This teenagers’ etiquette course will give them a solid foundation of social etiquette and manners, preparing them for various social situations in young adulthood.


This will provide them with self-confidence, enthusiasm, and resilience that is essential to succeed in young adults’ life, navigating from college life to dining out with a date and youthful friends.

Age Group : 13 - 17 years old

Date : October 21st (Saturday) , 22nd (Sunday) & 23rd (Monday), 2023

Time :  Oct 21 & 23:  2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Oct 22 :  12:30 pm to 3 pm (lunch time)

Venue :  Oct 21 & 23:  OONiQUE, 12/F, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.   

              Oct 22 :  Les Saveurs Private Kitchen, 21/F, 239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Class size : 5 - 8 students / class 

Tutors :  Ms. Esther Lee ( Certified International Social Etiquette Consultant ) 

               Ms. Peggy Yau ( Elite International Certified Etiquette Professional ®️)

One of above tutors will instruct the class.

Fees  ( 3 Classes + 3 to 4 courses Western lunch + Assessment + Certificate ):$3, 900 / person

T&Cs :

  • Classes will be conducted in English, supplemented with Chinese.

  • Students who complete the course and pass the assessment will receive a "Children's Etiquette Foundation Course" certificate issued by  Modern Etiquette Institute ( MEI ).

  • In case of pandemic and tightening of social distance measures, MEI reserves the right to change class format to online version.

  • MEI has the right to make final decision on class venues and restaurant choices.

Course Outline :

Class 1 : 

Remarkable First Impression

·    What is First Impression and why is it important in social life   
·    Essential steps of creating positive first impression
·    Fundamentals of skincare and grooming to enhance personal appearance
·    Dress codes for important social occasions and formal functions
·    Making self-introduction and social greetings with confidence.
·    How to handle negative comments and bad attitude from others.
·    Relationship etiquette with opposite gender in social occasions

Class 2 : 

Western Dining and Banquet etiquette with Lunch Tutorial​
·    History and development of Dining Etiquette in Western world
·    Making a graceful entrance and understanding seating plan
·    Table setting & napkin etiquette
·    Proper manners and postures at formal dinner ( e.g. high school prom, high table dinner )
·    How to use dining utensils correctly in fine dining setting
·    Communicating with service staff
·    Do’s and Don’ts for hosts and guests·   

·    Respecting different food culture when travel abroad

Class 3 :

Body Language and Decent Postures 

·    What is body language and why is it important ? 
·    The influence of body language on personal image
·    Improve common posture problems in adolescents (including hunchback, neck protruding, rounded shoulders, etc.)
·    How to be a young gentleman and young lady through decent standing and sitting postures
·    Confident and sophisticated walking style
·    How to apply body language to improve presentation skills
·    Manage micro facial expression to express your thoughts and attitude
·    Learn to appreciate and accept your own body

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